IIER is organized as a transatlantic co-operation between two legally independent non-profit organizations, one in the United States, one in Switzerland.

In the United States, IIER currently in the process of being incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, in Switzerland as a non-profit charitable association (Verein). However, despite the two legal entities, IIER is managed in an integrated way across the Atlantic, with researchers collaborating closely on our projects. Each of the two legal entities is managed by a Board of Directors according to local law, overseeing activities.

One of the key characteristics of IIER is its strive for solid science. We want to work based on scientifically demonstrated evidence, not on hearsay, assumptions, and opinions. In order to support this effort, we are in the process of establishing a Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of academics and other senior professionals, who, through their own activities, have shown that they understand some of the key contributors to our human ecosystem.

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